International Students Tuition, Fees and Charges

Course tuition fees will be subject to annual increases, generally based on inflation.

In cases where a course tuition fee changes between the date of the Letter of Offer and the date TAFE SA received the first tuition fee payment the International Unit may request the outstanding payment from the student.  The student’s place will not be deemed accepted until the full and revised tuition fee has been received. 

Tuition fee changes will be communicated to students where practicable, through the international student newsletter and website. Students will be subject to tuition fee increases throughout the duration of their studies at TAFE SA.

Tuition Fees for commencing (new) international students must be paid as per the Letter of Offer terms, and prior to the issuing of the Confirmation of Enrolment.  Tuition fees for continuing international students must be paid, as per invoice terms, by the 1st day of the official start dates of the term or semester. 

International students who fast track their studies will be expected to pay the full tuition fee for their course as outlined in the Letter of Offer.  However the individual semester payments will be revised accordingly.  In cases where students have completed 1 semester earlier than planned, they will not be exempt from the final semester tuition fee and will be required to pay any outstanding fees prior to receiving their parchment.   

The International Unit may request a non-refundable deposit for any TAFE SA course contained within a package of courses as an effort to manage the immigration risk of TAFE SA.  Details will be included in the Fees & Charges Schedule.

International students will not be exempt from fees should they face financial hardship.

Fees by Instalment/Payment Extensions

International students, only in exceptional circumstances, may apply for an extension to their tuition fee due date or to pay their tuition fee by instalments as per the relevant TAFE SA Policy.

Recognition of Prior Learning

International students are eligible to apply for RPL.  It is preferred that students apply for RPL at the time of their initial application.  The fee for RPL for international students is outlined in the Fees & Charges Schedule.

Additional/incidental Fees

Additional/ Incidental fees are additional to the Student Tuition Fee and may be:

  • costs to purchase a good or service that is not essential for the student to complete the course of study.
  • cost for a good or service that is essential to complete the course but is also made readily available at no additional fee (e.g. available in the library).
  • a fee for an essential good or service that becomes the physical property of the student or for food, transport and accommodation cost associated with, for example, field trips.

Students should be made aware of any additional or incidental fees before registration.

Fees & Charges Schedule

The Fees & Charges Schedule below is reviewed annually. It outlines all administration fees and charges that students must pay in relation to TAFE SA International Unit services and processes.

Fees & Charges Schedule as at 20 July 2016


Administration Fee/Charge

Application Fee


$00.00 (not implemented)

Deposit on course/courses within a packaged offer

$00.00 (not implemented)

Change of Course/Deferral Administration Fee (prior to or after an offer is produced)



$0 for students being transitioned as a result of course being superseded or course closure.

This fee is non-refundable nor will be waived if the application/visa has not been granted (in time for commencement) due to the late COE lodgement (6 weeks from COE date or, if commencement within 6 weeks immediately) or if a conditional offer was provided against the Admissions staff recommendation (ie conditional to IELTS results that could cause a delay in the unconditional offer, and then student doesn’t meet the entry).

Fees by Instalment/Extension to payment Administration Fee


COE Reinstatement Fee


Recognition of Prior Learning Application Fee

$300.00 (once only fee per student) + $1.00 for every hour granted


Exclusions: International Student Tuition Fees and International Student Tuition Refund Fees are not included in this Schedule. See the International Student Tuition Refund Policy for the fees associated to refund requests.

Non-payment of Tuition and Other Fees

Students who do not pay against the Invoice Terms will be at risk of having their enrolment and registration cancelled for future semesters, and having their Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) cancelled by the International Unit. 

TAFE SA will not allow international students with unpaid fees to re-enrol in any subsequent semesters unless alternative arrangements have been made (ie payment extensions). 

International students with outstanding fees will have their results withheld and will not obtain an academic transcript or parchment from TAFE SA. 

The International Unit will follow the requirements of the ESOS Act in relation to unpaid tuition fees and cancelling COEs.

Refunds of Tuition Fees 

All refunds of tuition fees will be in compliance with the International Students: Tuition Fee Refund Policy and Refund Policy Table.  

International Students Receiving Permanent Residency Status

Students, as at the date of the commencement of their semester of study, who are still considered international students, but receive their PR status after the commencement, are not entitled to a refund of their current semester’s tuition fee, as per the International Student Tuition Fee Refund Policy.

Students who have paid for their semester of study, but have not yet commenced in that semester of study, will be entitled to a full refund of their tuition fee.