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University Pathways

Studying at TAFE SA is one of the easiest and most successful pathways towards a University Degree. Discover your options below.

Find out which TAFE SA courses offer credit towards a University Degree.


Degrees at TAFE SA

TAFE SA delivers higher education programs, both independently and through partnership with other higher education providers. More information and full list of courses.

Dual Offer Courses

Dual Offer courses enable students to apply for a TAFE SA Diploma or Advanced Diploma and a connected university program. Students are guaranteed entry into the university degree upon successful completion of their TAFE SA qualification. More information and full list of courses.


TAFE SA to Uni Credit transfer

TAFE SA has many credit transfer agreements with universities, which can shorten the time it takes to complete the university program. More information on TAFE SA to Uni Credit transfer.

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University Foundation Studies Program

The Flinders Foundation Studies Program is a preparation program for undergraduate degrees at university, and is available to eligible applicants at no cost.
The Foundation Studies Program is delivered across a number of metropolitan and regional TAFE SA campuses, providing students with the opportunity to commence studies at a location that best suits their needs. Visit Flinders Foundation Studies Program for more information.