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Fees by Instalments

TAFE SA understands that sometimes it is difficult for students to pay their fees, and offers the option of paying their course fees via Fees-by-Instalments (FBI) to eligible students undertaking eligible courses.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to apply for Fees by Instalments a student must:

  1. I am enrolled (registered) in an Award Course at Certificate II, III or IV level on the TAFE Self Service system.
  2. I am NOT an International Student
  3. My fees are greater than $250
  4. I have no outstanding fees with TAFE SA
  5. My current financial situation does not permit me to pay my fees in full.
  6. I am able to complete my payments within 80% of my current registration
  7. I am able to provide my proof of income (payslips/income statement from the previous 2 pay periods)
**Students who do not have the capacity to pay will need to arrange a Guarantor. The Guarantor will need to fill out a Guarantor Application Form.


To apply for Fees by Instalments, you will need to:

These documents request the details of your financial situation. You must provide evidence to support the information you provide.

These documents are also available from Information/ Client service centres at your local campus.


Fees By Instalment applications should be lodged at your local campus.


If you are approved to pay your Fees-by-Instalment, an education agreement with a schedule of payments, which shows the balance and amounts to be paid by an agreed due date, will be generated.


All instalments are to be made via Direct Debit from your nominated bank account or through Centrepay (Centrepay can only be used for students receiving payment from Centrelink).


You will need to think carefully about how you are going to manage your course costs and organise this before you enrol. There are a number of organisations and services that offer financial assistance to students.

You can also contact student services for advice and referral.

Please contact your local campus , contact TAFE Info or call our infoline on 1800 882 661 for further information.