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Credit Transfer Agreement - Diploma of Geoscience

TAFE SA Course Diploma of Geoscience
National Code 12277SA

University of Adelaide Courses (1)

Bachelor of Science

University Qualification Detail
Total Points 72 points
Duration 3 years
Credit Transfer Agreement Detail
Credit Points 24 points
Time Equivalent 12 months
Credit Details Credit is valid for 5 years after the completion of the TAFE SA qualification.

Credit is for the Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology
Specified Credit GEOLOGY 1100 Earth's Interior - 3 points, given for:
BDWY Basic Mineralogy
BDXX Petrology
BDYA Structural Geology
BDXB Economic Geology
BDXE Field Project - Geoscience
BDXW Petroleum Geology

GEOLOGY 1103 Earth's Systems - 3 points, given for:
BDXG Geochemistry
BDXH Geological History
BDXK Geological Processes
BDXL Geophysics
BDXP Hydrogeology
BDXZ Soils and Engineering Geology
Specified Credit Amount 6 points
Unspecified Credit Level I credit towards approved electives under the Bachelor of Science - 6 points
Level II credit towards approved electives under the Bachelor of Science - 12 points
Unspecified Credit Amount 18 points

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