Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering

Duration (incl. holidays) 98 weeks
Teaching Duration80 weeks
(2 Semesters is 1 academic year)
CRICOS Code078300K
National CodeUEE50111
Course TypeTraining Package Qualification
Course UnitsView Units
Example Career ProfileComputer Systems Engineering ProfessionalsComputer Systems Engineering Professionals
FacultiesMining, Engineering and Transport
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 Regency ParkApply NowOn Campus20January, April, July, October 

    Course Admission Requirements (for International Applications)

    Course Notes

    • Students wishing to undertake the Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering after completing the Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering can do so with an extra 30 weeks of study with a total duration of 5.5 semesters. Students will receive a parchment for each qualification. Alternatively students can enrol directly into the Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering for a duration of 5 semesters. Students taking this option will not complete all of the course requirements of the Diploma and therefore will not be eligible for a Diploma parchment. Students will only receive the Advanced Diploma parchment.

    How to Apply

    International Course - application process

    If you are applying from onshore, generally, you will need to apply for an international course to TAFE South Australia at least two months before you want to start your studies in Australia. If you are applying from offshore it is highly recommended that you apply at least four months in advance.

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    Enquire online or apply now.

    Note: You must be an International resident to apply for this course. For Australian residents please visit TAFE SA Courses.

    Employment Outcomes

    Electronics is the enabling technology that provides the medium for communications and entertainment, guards health and safety, and facilitates the creativity and productivity of the community. TAFE SA students gain excellent practical skills at a technician level, in the design and implementation of hardware and software for electronics and computer systems technology. Graduates can find employment as technical officers, servicing technicians and electronics/computer systems assemblers.

    Note: Completion of a TAFE SA course does not guarantee an employment outcome. Formal requirements other than educational qualifications (eg licensing, professional registration), may apply to some occupations.

    Qualifications & Skills Covered

    Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering (UEE50111)
    Learn how to assemble and test computers, install and configure Operating Systems and connect electronic and computer equipment to a network. Build electronic circuits, program microcontrollers in assembly language and other programming languages. Support customers in larger businesses, troubleshoot simple server and networking problems and provide technical advice/sales. 7 core units plus electives.

    Note: Students who successfully complete only one or more units of competency but not the full Qualification are eligible to receive a Statement of Attainment.

    Credit Transfer

    You will only receive a joint offer for TAFE SA and University if you apply for a Packaged University Program. If the University course that you have selected is not part of a Packaged University Offers, you will need to apply separately to the University for your selected degree program.

    Studying at TAFE SA is one of the easiest pathways towards a University Degree. Credit Transfer is the formal recognition that parts of a TAFE SA course are equivalent in content and level to parts of some University courses.

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    Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering

    Credit Gained
    UniversityUniversity CoursePointsTime Equiv.Details
    Flinders UniversityBachelor of Engineering Science18 points 6 months Details


    These course fees are for international students only.

    Tuition FeesIncidental Fees
    Semester 1AUD $6875AUD $100
    Semester 2AUD $6875AUD $100
    Semester 3AUD $6875AUD $100
    Semester 4AUD $6875AUD $100
    Fee TotalsAUD $27500AUD $400
    Total Course CostAUD $27900

    Note: TAFE SA does not commit to any fees shown. Charges vary between courses and subjects and are based on a rate per hour. TAFE SA and their agents reserve the right to make any changes necessary.

    Overseas Student Health Cover

    All overseas students are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) insurance for the entire duration of the course. The health cover rate will vary depending on the personal circumstances and duration of stay in Australia. Read more about Overseas Student Health Cover.

    Additional Services

    TAFE SA International offers an optional Arrival & Pick up and/or Accommodation Service. For further details please contact us.

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