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Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Name Ankit Sondhi
Studied Engineering Advanced Diploma
Faculty Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Career Profile Civil and Structural Engineering

A long-term interest in architecture and engineering projects led to Ankit Sondhi’s decision to come to Australia and study civil and structural engineering at TAFE SA.

“I chose TAFE SA to follow my ambitions because it has an international reputation for excellence. TAFE SA lecturers are fully experienced, knowledgeable and teach in a practical style unlike universities that focus mainly on theory,” Ankit explains.

“Towards the end of my TAFE SA studies, the lecturers also helped me to gain part time employment in the engineering industry. After completing my studies, the skills and knowledge I gained enabled me to transpose my knowledge into practice and I was able to transition easily into a full-time position.”

Ankit, now a Technical Officer with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), is using his TAFE SA qualifications to undertake a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours).

Ankit says that his decision to study at TAFE SA has been life-changing.

“TAFE SA didn’t just help me to obtain my Advanced Diploma, it’s helped me make my life and career exhilarating and fulfilling.”