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The industry leaders—manufacturing, defence, mining and construction and utilities such as electricity, gas and water suppliers—offer some of the most rewarding careers. Within this group, particularly in manufacturing, defence and heavy industry, employers are increasingly relying on sophisticated equipment, electronics and information technology. Transport plays a vital role in these industries and the continuous technological changes in light vehicles now and in the future make for exciting careers in the automotive industry.

Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology2016089896GTP00577
Certificate III in Mining Exploration2016087911GTP00715
Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis2016089895JTP00583
Diploma of Applied Geosciences2016081629CAC00057
Diploma of Automotive Technology2016089894KTP00584
Diploma of Automotive Management2016089893MTP00814
Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering (Design Drafting)2016092138JAC00080
Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering (Site Management)2016092139GAC00081

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