Electrical & Electronics

Electricity is the universal means by which we power our cities and homes, and electronics is the enabling technology that is present in every appliance we use. How we use electricity is a more important concern and the movement towards sustainability has brought about a greater need to find renewable energy resources.

Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering2017078300KTP00390
Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering2017078960GTP00391
Advanced Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering2017078959MTP00392
Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering2017066407JAC00058
Associate Degree in Biomedical Engineering2017092136MAC00078
Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering2017092137KAC00079
Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering2016078300KTP00390

Further Information

TAFE South Australia also operates the only Government owned ELICOS (English language) Centre in South Australia.

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Adelaide 5000
International callers: +61 8 8463 5487
Calls within Australia free call: 1800 049 492
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