Agriculture & Science

Technological and societal changes, including the need for sustainable management of land, water and vegetation, have led to biotechnical innovations in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and animal welfare. Australia requires environmentally sustainable industries that will lead to increasing opportunities in environmental consulting, ecosystem management, and services to agriculture, fisheries and water technologies. TAFE SA training in these areas can lead to careers in animal or veterinary care, laboratory technology, the wool industry, the horse-racing industry, or conservation and natural resource management.

Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management2017084655KTP00142
Certificate III in Laboratory Skills2017090890DTP00891
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing2017080465DTP00542
Diploma of Animal Technology2017075283GTP00011
Diploma of Landscape Design2017076521BTP00138
Diploma of Horticulture2017076240MTP00145
Diploma of Conservation and Land Management2017084656JTP00196
Diploma of Laboratory Technology2017090910ETP00893

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TAFE South Australia also operates the only Government owned ELICOS (English language) Centre in South Australia.

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