Information Technology

Software Development

Software Development

Name Mark
Studied Diploma of Software Development
Faculty Software Development
Career Profile Software Engineer

Mark decided to make a career change when he was retrenched from the wine industry. To help him prepare for his new career, Mark studied the Diploma of Software Development at TAFESA.

"TAFE was accommodating and supportive and the lecturers enthusiasm and practical industry knowledge was invaluable."

"All classes had a theory element which we then put into practice through exercises and examples, this has been the most valuable aspect of learning IT at TAFE."

"The lecturers encouraged me to continue studying, so I used TAFE as a pathway to university. In the end TAFE provided a great foundation for university, and the practical skills from TAFE and the theory aspects from Uni give me the best type of IT education".

Since graduating from TAFESA Mark have obtained employment with one of the largest and most respected IT companies in the world IBM.

Mark, TAFE SA IT and Software Development Graduate