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Surveying provides a varied and exciting career that has a great indoor/ outdoor balance; it requires design skills, measurement skills, interpersonal skills and the ability to provide analysis of evidence. As a profession, surveyors are highly respected, well paid and in constant demand. Surveyors are expert in the science of positioning and measurement.
Surveying is a highly specialised, science-based discipline, which is concerned with the measurement, representation and management of data concerning the Earth’s physical and man-made features. Specialist areas such as cadastral surveying, geodesy, photogrammetry, construction and engineering, remote sensing, land development and planning, mine surveying, hydrographic surveying and land information systems are included within this discipline.

The surveying discipline has also moved into several high technology areas which include satellite positioning, laser scanning, airborne drones and marine navigation, digital mapping and remote sensing, specialised alignment surveying, analysis of structural deformations, and land and environmental management.

TAFE SA will provide you with specialist skill and knowledge in all aspects of surveying. A strong practical focus gives you extensive skills in the use of a wide range of surveying and precision GNSS equipment in a range of industry contexts. In the classroom you will gain valuable skills in a wide range of industry relevant surveying and engineering software applications, and lectures provide the background to survey theory and mathematics.

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