Building and Construction



Name James Garde
Studied Certificate II in Electrotechnology
Career Profile Electrician

James Garde has been intent on following a career path as an electrican or ‘sparky’ for many years. To help prepare him to enter his desired career, James is currently studying an Electrotechnology Certificate III at TAFE SA.

James says he chose TAFE for the quality of the teaching interactions, and the hands-on experience that it provides.

“The teachers at TAFE are great. The educational process runs students through a broad spectrum, and you get a lot of hands-on time with teachers and lecturers which covers everything.”

“I find the course content very helpful. It runs through every aspect of the working environment and is definitely helping to prepare me to work as an Electrician.”

James says he is looking forward to studying at Tonsley TAFE for the opportunity to collaborate and understand more about other trades.

“The key advantage of learning with other building industries is that it provides the opportunity to understand how complementary trades operate, and how to work together. I think this will be important skill for my future employment.”

I'm an electrician