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Electricity is the universal means by which we power our cities and homes. How we use electricity is a more important concern and the movement towards sustainability has brought about a greater need to find renewable energy resources.

Electricity is generated by both renewable and non-renewable means. Renewable energy is generated from natural resources – such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat – which are naturally replenished, while electricity can also be created by burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas or oil. Graduates are able to select, install, commission, fault-find and maintain multiple electrical renewable energy sources and equipment for the control of energy use. Career Start (formally known as pre-vocational) courses offered by TAFE SA provide graduates with opportunities to gain an apprenticeship in electrical, instrumentation, air-conditioning or refrigeration servicing trades.


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Employment Opportunities

There are currently around 9,100 electricians employed in South Australia. Employment is largely full-time and most work in the construction industry. Most people in this occupation are male and most are employed in the Adelaide metropolitan area. This occupation has a younger age profile with less than a third of electricians aged 45 years or older.

New electrical apprenticeship program

E-Oz (Energy Skills Australia) is running an Australia-wide pilot program available to TAFE SA-trained Electrical apprentices.

Through the Managing Apprentice Progression (MAP) program, apprentices move forward at their own rate, progressing as they acquire necessary skills. This means progression is based on individual competence, rather than being tied to class-wide time frames.

Also, industry mentors provide support services tailored to each apprentice's learning needs, boosting their capacity to complete their training program.

If you're thinking of undertaking an electrical apprenticeship with TAFE SA, you can get involved with the MAP program, choosing TAFE SA as your preferred provider. You will need to complete a Readiness Assessment, which is a measure of basic language, literacy and numeracy skills.


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