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Dr James Roberts

Staff Profile: Dr James Roberts

James has a long career as a writer/director. He has written and/or directed six documentaries on a wide range of topics. He created, produced and directed three series for ABC TV; all of them won ATOM awards and one was reviewed by The Age as ‘the best thing on the ABC’. He co-edited a book of that series, Writers on Writing, for Penguin. He has also written a radio play, a dramatised documentary, a dramedy, and he co-wrote a TV comedy pilot with Aunty Jack (Grahame Bond).

He has written and directed extensively in the business space as a freelance writer, writing all kinds of communication from websites to brochures, videos, games and speeches. He has worked as a freelance journalist. He developed the current TAFE course Writing for Film and Television and wrote the course book. He created and developed two Australia Network TV series focused on international students living in Australia, and they were broadcast in 42 countries. James has a PhD in Creative Writing, has published his PhD comic novel, Pangamonium, under a pseudonym, and is currently adapting it into a screenplay for Mandala Films. The novel was longlisted for the Commonwealth Book Prize. His academic thesis, The Ludic Mode of Pangamonium, was also published as an e-book. He has published a dozen short stories and won more than a dozen awards for his creative work.