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Tracy Marsh

Staff Profile: Tracy Marsh

Tracy Marsh opened her own retail business at the age of 18, which spawned her first book, Touch of Nostalgia, which she wrote and self-published in 1984. Touch of Nostalgia, went on to become a bestseller with nearly 250,000 copies sold. Since then Tracy has produced and sold more than three million copies of books and magazines in over twenty countries and in ten different languages. Some of her most popular book titles have been Decorative Painting of the World, the Happy House series, and her highly personal The Mother’s Companion. Her numerous magazine titles include Craft and Decorating, My Wedding, Formals, eQUIPD, i-Xplore and Me magazine.

Hailing from Adelaide, Tracy moved to Sydney in 1990 to form a joint venture with US-based Weldon Owen Publishing, producing a series of books for the international market. In 2000 she returned to Adelaide where she continues to publish books and periodicals and teaches courses on publishing.

Tracy’s diverse career has also seen her feature regularly as a television presenter on Burke’s Backyard and The Midday Show. Her entrepreneurial skills have attracted significant recognition with her being awarded the New Achievers Award for Australia in 1989.

Tracy is proficient in all aspects of the publishing process, from research and product development, to writing and design, project management, financial management, basic contract and intellectual property laws, publicity, sales and marketing. Tracy is especially experienced in international language rights, spending many years of her career working in this area of publishing.

Such varied experience and exposure over the past thirty years has given Tracy a unique knowledge of the publishing industry. She has now turned her focus to sharing that knowledge and expertise with aspiring writers, publishers and anybody with an interest in a career in publishing and has just released her book – Understanding Publishing.