TAFE SA launches new Diploma of Applied Positive Psychology

Oct 29, 2019


A growing interest in health and wellbeing across all facets of our lives has led to the development of a new higher education qualification, the Diploma of Applied Positive Psychology, at TAFE SA.

It is the only higher education diploma in this field in South Australia and one of only two offered nationwide.

The diploma, which is being offered from Semester 1 2020, provides students with the theories and frameworks of positive psychology, as well as the skills to apply these concepts to real-world scenarios.

In recent years there has been an increased focus on wellbeing and mental health across government, industry and the community, which has led to a demand for people with skills in positive psychology.

TAFE SA lecturer Kate McEwen describes positive psychology as the “science of wellbeing” and, she says, it’s a field that is growing in importance.

“People are interested in learning the skills of living more optimally at work, at home with their families and in the community,” she says.

“Positive psychology supports good mental health and it’s about looking at people who are well and asking, ‘How do we keep them well?’.”

The Diploma of Applied Positive Psychology equips students with the skills to apply positive psychology interventions in a number of practical situations to increase individual, community, team and organisation wellbeing.

One example, Kate McEwen says, is the ability to recognise character strengths in others and identify ways they can be better utilised in the workplace, which can ultimately lead to more engaged employees.

The course draws on a range of evidence-based practices and explores techniques for building relationships, strengthening resilience, fostering self-awareness and much more.

The diploma serves as a complementary qualification for those with existing professional and/or related qualifications and is particularly of benefit to those working directly with individuals and teams, such as health and community service workers, human resources personnel, counsellors, coaches, educators and business owners, managers, supervisors and team leaders.

For more information, visit tafesa.edu.au/wellbeing