Studiosity: Spotlight on Citation Assist

Oct 22, 2019


At TAFE SA we have a range of services and resources to support you with your study.

In this E-Zine edition we take a closer look at a new feature of ‘Studiosity’ called Citation Assist which has been integrated within the writing feedback service of ‘Studiosity’.

Citation Assist enables timely referencing help for all students during the draft process and supports students to ensure their work is appropriately referenced to avoid plagiarism.

"How is it different to detection tools like TurnItIn?"

This new feature is focused on prevention, rather than on detection.

This friendly referencing help draws on public resources that are core to every student’s research process.  When you submit your draft, it is compared to a billion online sources, public journals, websites and text including more than 20.000 scientific journals.  The file is not compared to private files, such as other students' essays.

Studiosity can be accessed by logging onto your TAFE SA Learn site by using your TAFE SA network login details. A direct link will be visible to you from the Learn homepage.