TAFE SA receives positive feedback from routine aviation check

May 08, 2018


TAFE SA’s aviation program has received positive feedback following a routine check of its operations by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

The report outlines the “positive change” that has been made to TAFE SA’s aviation program following CASA’s report last year which outlined issues needing to be addressed.

CASA acknowledged improvements including culture of the training program and the positive attitude of staff towards compliance.

CASA also reported that the issues raised last year had been addressed in a proactive manner with a new quality system, and identified some minor procedural and administrative areas for further improvement that TAFE SA will address immediately.

TAFE SA Interim Chief Executive, Alex Reid, said that the changes made to the aviation program were part of a new quality system being applied across the organisation.

“This positive outcome reflects TAFE SA’s commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of students and the aviation industry,” Ms Reid said.

“We’ve made significant enhancements to the program following CASA’s report last year, including the updating of assessment tools as part of the new Quality System Implementation and our ongoing collaboration with other training organisations.

“The report from CASA acknowledges the positive changes that have been made to the program and I’d like to commend the hard work put in by TAFE SA staff to ensure our aviation training complies with the requirements of the regulator.”

As one of only five nationally accredited providers of aircraft maintenance engineering training in Australia, TAFE SA remains committed to providing aviation maintenance training of the highest possible standard.

The Report

TAFE SA is an approved Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) and one of only five nationally-accredited providers of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training in Australia.

In early 2017, an internal TAFE SA audit under delegation from ASQA and an external CASA audit identified specific student-related and systemic issues with the training. TAFE SA and CASA reached agreement on the rectification requirements for the program and TAFE SA’s MTO status was fully reinstated in November 2017. Remediation of affected students commences in May 2018 and continuing students will recommence training in Term 2 Semester 1.

As of November 2017 CASA revised its surveillance finding classifications. Findings are now issued as:

  • Safety Alerts – these relate to regulatory deficiencies that require immediate attention
  • Safety Findings (previously known as Non-Compliance Notices or NCNs) – these relate to regulatory issues that require timely attention
  • Safety Observations (previously known as Observations) – these are issued when areas are identified where safety performance could potentially be improved.

Read the CASA Report.