When the going gets tough, go to TAFE SA

Jun 20, 2017


TAFE SA has helped thousands of South Australians gain new jobs, long after they thought they would never go back to the classroom.

For 21 years, Freeling resident Rachel Morris stayed at home to raise six children, but recent financial pressures caused her to go job hunting.

After multiple rejections of her narrow work resume, Rachel enrolled in a Certificate III in Health Administration at TAFE SA’s Elizabeth Campus, using the Medical Business Simulation environment to tailor her training to medical clinic setting.

Rachel is now successfully employed at Bensons Radiology in Gawler and has a TAFE SA Certificate III qualification permanently on her resume.

Rachel said she was initially concerned at how much the course would cost, but like many people she qualified for the State Government’s WorkReady subsidy, reducing the total cost to just $700, payable in flexible instalments.

“TAFE SA provided the flexibility and financial assistance to make it possible for me to do this training,” Rachel said.

“I especially enjoyed the simulated learning environment, as I need to see and understand the reasons behind why things are done a certain way.

“TAFE SA supported me all the way with flexible study from home, access to lecturers, and a classroom schedule that was well paced out and not too overwhelming.”

With the classroom transformed into a medical clinic, Rachel learned about managing patient records and preparing medical accounts, customer service, working in teams, interacting with different cultures and workplace safety.

Health administration lecturer Lisa Martin said the TAFE SA Business Services team was dedicated to reskilling and supporting people re-entering the workforce.

“Going back to the classroom might be daunting for some, but we are here to provide support and help people succeed,” she said.

Lisa said TAFE SA works closely with industry to ensure its health administration courses are meeting local employment needs.

‘Right now, the health services sector is providing some strong employment prospects,” she said.

For more information on TAFE SA’s business and health administration courses, including those subsidised by WorkReady, please visit www.tafesa.edu.au/administration or call 1800 882 661.