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Studiosity is an after-hours ‘study help’ service available to all TAFE SA students free of charge.

Too stressed to be social?

We all know that when you get stressed out and your ‘to do list’ is a mile long, often the last thing you might want to do is be around other people.

Resume Preparation

Your resume is an important representation of your skills, experience and education.

Did you know?

Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and blood borne viruses (BBVs) are on the rise in South Australia and have jumped 14% compared to the previous five years according to the most recent report released by SA Health in 2017.


Resilience enhances your ability to cope with stressful situations or disappointments when they arise and accept and manage your emotions.

TAFE SA Libraries

TAFE SA libraries provide a wealth of material in your subject area, in both print and electronic formats, with welcoming spaces for working individually or in groups, quiet reading, or simply relaxing between classes.

Did you know?

In this E-Zine edition we are going to take a closer look at help and support available for people who are experiencing, or at risk of domestic or family violence.

Feeling good, sleeping better

Sleep is essential for general wellbeing. Along with good nutrition and exercise, sleep is recognised as one of the pillars of good health.


A great way to get some experience in a new field is by volunteering or completing work experience with a company or organisation. It can help you develop skills in an area of interest and help you determine whether a certain job or career pathway is for you.
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