Student Spotlight

Apr 20, 2020


My name is Cristina, I’m a graduate from TAFE SA. 

Let me tell you about my TAFE SA experience and how TAFE SA has been a great platform to start my university education and career in graphic design.

I started studying with TAFE SA as soon as I left high school and graduated with a Certificate II and III in Women’s Education, Certificate III in Visual Arts and a Diploma in Graphic Design.  Along my journey, I have had supportive lecturers and student services staff who enabled me to make positive connections with other students and industry.


The TAFE SA student experiences gave me the confidence to pursue my career in graphic design. I currently study the Bachelor of Design (Illustration and Animation) at the University of South Australia and have received credit from my TAFE SA Diploma. I volunteer as a graphic designer with Orana Australia and I'm now experiencing the world of marketing.  This is great, as this experience is increasing my breadth of knowledge in design areas and expanding my job prospects. 

I am slowly starting my own business with ongoing contracts and developed an industry platform where potential clients request my services. 

Well, who would have ever thought that in a span of five years, I would have not only achieved three qualifications while at TAFE SA - but also be in my second year at University, with my own graphic design clients?

TAFE SA's supportive learning environment and student supports improved my confidence and made it easier to transition to university and the world of work.

My Tips:

  • Set yourself up first – transitioning from school can be a challenge.  TAFE SA can provide a great pathway to University and work.
  • Relax – seek help
  • Set realistic goals
  • Take one day at a time
  • It doesn’t matter if you change courses or pathways – it's all great experience.
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