Using Skype for Business 

Skype for Business is used across TAFE SA to hold meetings and training.

You cannot contact people on Skype for Business using the free Skype software.

Information for Students or people without a TAFE SA Login

If you received a meeting invite from someone at TAFE SA and you don’t have Skype for Business, you can connect to the meeting from your browser (students can also use this method):

Using the right equipment

We recommend that you use a USB headset with a microphone along with a high-quality webcam. Jabra, Logitech and Plantronics make great headsets that can be used with Skype for Business and can be purchased at several local electronic stores or online. Visit the Skype website for a list of recommended headphone and webcam models.

Please Note: You need an Internet connection to use Skype for Business. You are responsible for monitoring your data usage with your carrier.

TAFE SA will not provide technical assistance for personal phones and computers or programs on those devices. Please contact your device manufacturer or program creator for any additional support.

Browsers that support the Skype WebApp

Browser Windows (7 or higher) Macintosh (10.10 or higher)
Internet Explorer 11
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