Using Skype for Business 

Skype for Business is used across TAFE SA to hold meetings, training and connect students and staff who may be at two separate locations.

It is a separate program from the well-known Skype messaging service. You cannot contact people on Skype for Business using the free Skype software.

How do I connect to a meeting? 

Recommended: Use the Skype Web App

  • Connect to a meeting directly from your web browser by clicking the link in the email invitation: 


Use the Skype for Business Application

First, check to see if your computer has Skype for Business already installed. Go to Start > Microsoft Office or Start > Office 365 and look for Skype for Business. If it's there, you're all set. You can sign in to Skype for Business using your TAFE SA email account and password (e.g.

Don’t have Skype for Business? Install it from the TAFE SA Portal

IMPORTANT: Installing Office 365 ProPlus from the software area on the TAFE SA Portal will overwrite all existing/purchased Office products on your computer. You will lose access to Office 365 Pro Plus when your enrolment or employment with TAFE SA ceases which means you will have lost your old Office products too. If you already have Office installed on your computer, we recommend that you download the Skype client only.

Students: Connecting to a class/training using Skype for Business

The following instructions are available to assist you with joining a class or training session:


Staff: Organising meetings and training using Skype for Business

The following instructions are available to assist you with creating meetings and booking rooms:


Using the right equipment

We recommend that you use a USB headset with a microphone along with a high quality webcam. Jabra, Logitech and Plantronics make great headsets that can be used with Skype for Business and can be purchased at several local electronic stores or online. Visit the Skype website for a list of recommended headphone and webcam models.

Please Note: Using Skype for Business on your mobile device will require the use of Wi Fi or mobile data. You are responsible for monitoring your data usage with your carrier.

TAFE SA will not provide technical assistance for personal computing devices or programs on those devices. Please contact your device manufacturer or program author for any additional support.