Student Story - Nazza: Bachelor in the Barossa Series

Jul 09, 2021

The TAFE SA Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management (099074G/CRS1400588) course will be delivered at our Barossa Valley Campus from Semester 2 2021. To celebrate, we are catching up with three of our international students who are currently studying the Bachelor at our Regency Campus.

The last student in our series, is Nazzareno (Nazza) who is originally from Italy. Nazza grew up in the hospitality industry, managing and operating Caffee Florian - his family’s cocktail bar and café back home in San Benedetto Del Tronto. Now in Adelaide, Nazza is studying his Bachelor whilst managing a popular wine bar in the inner south-eastern suburbs.

Why did you choose to study at TAFE SA?

I knew TAFE was the practical option for me, as it was affordable compared to other schools or universities and offered interesting courses and subjects. This was important as I wanted to study a Bachelor that gave me learning outcomes that I wanted.

What is your favourite thing to do in Adelaide? 

When I first came to Adelaide, I used to love going down to Middleton Beach to surf on the weekends. Now that I am more involved with work and study, I usually like to relax or if I am going out, I will usually head to Leigh Street in the city.

What interests you about the field you are currently studying and how will it assist you to achieve your future goals? 

As my family own a business back home, my interest for this field comes quite naturally. I have also come to love the business management side of hospitality. Running a successful business in hospitality these days is hard and this course is giving me the operational knowledge I need to do that, as well as how to maintain a certain level of service that follows industry standards.

What is something useful that you have learnt in your course so far? 

There is a lot that I have been learning about in my course that I find useful, but the subjects I have taken in finance and marketing have been really good. I have been applying my new knowledge in these areas to my work at my current job.


What do you hope to do after you finish studying at TAFE SA? 

I would love to open my own wine/cocktail bar here or maybe even back home. I have also been thinking about moving to Japan over the next five years or so and trying something there. There are always new trends and ideas happening in Japan.


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