Students are enthusiastic ambassadors for TAFE SA

Jun 07, 2019

Student Ambassadors

Meet TAFE SA’s International Student Ambassadors for 2019: Owen, Isadora, Nguyen, Neel and Taraneh.

They’ll be on hand to provide a friendly face and words of advice for our international student group throughout the year.

The team is also planning some social events to help ensure their fellow students feel connected and engaged during their time in Adelaide.

Read on to find out what our ambassadors think of living in Adelaide and studying at TAFE SA. 


Course: Certificate IV & Diploma of Building and Construction

Home Country: Malaysia

“Adelaide is rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world and it’s affordable to live here. I love the public transport – it’s super convenient - and I love the food, too. I came to study at TAFE SA because it offers a pathway to university and you can undertake work placements and gain valuable industry experience. TAFE SA is an excellent place to learn or to garner a professional skill which is employer friendly.”


Course: Conservation and Land Management

Home country: Brazil

“In Adelaide, you can be hiking in the hills in the morning and watching the sunset at the beach in the afternoon. It’s a small city but big on lifestyle, and I love it. I chose TAFE SA because I needed more field experience and I wanted to better understand the environment. I love the field trips in my course, we’re always going to beautiful places and we learn so much. We have fun together, even when it’s raining and it’s hard work. My advice to other students is do not forget to have fun, it makes all the difference.”


Course: Associate degree in civil engineering

Home country: Vietnam

“The city of churches, as Adelaide is known, is a beautiful city and the people are friendly and willing to help. It’s peaceful and affordable to live here. TAFE SA offers a pathway to university and the chance to learn practical skills and get exposure in the industry. The facilities are great, especially at Tonsley Campus, and the lecturers are very supportive, they give everyone an opportunity to learn. If you want to be job ready, TAFE SA is a good place to be. Work hard, always ask questions and be confident in yourself.”


Course: Diploma of Leadership and Management

Home country: Kenya

“Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the calmest cities in Australia? There are so many things I love about this beautiful city but my most favourite thing is the natural beauty. It’s very easy to get around the city with good public transport and the lifestyle is not too busy, not too quiet. There are lots of festivals going on in Adelaide which are fun to be around. TAFE SA provides me with many career development options, practical skills and a university pathway. What I like most about studying here is the way the teachers understand what the students want and need.”


Course: Interior Design and Decoration

Home country: Iran

“Adelaide is an easy going and relaxed city. It is the city of music, art and festivals with beautiful nature and amazing food and drink. I chose TAFE SA because I wanted to learn practical skills and the course offers real life experience. I’m also learning about Australia’s trends, architecture, culture and history. I would say to other people to consider studying at TAFE SA because it is possible to afford to live here, perhaps with a part-time job, enjoy the city and learn useful skills for your career.”