Award winning Isadora is giving back to the community

Nov 02, 2018

TAFE SA International Student wins Study Adelaide Award

TAFE SA student Isadora Inez Alves Koszma from Brazil is putting her knowledge of land management to practice, giving back to the local community and winning awards along the way!

Isadora, who studied environmental engineering in Brazil, came to Australia in 2014 and is now undertaking a Certificate lll in Conservation and Land Management at TAFE SA. 

Isadora has recently been acknowledged for her work by winning the Academic Excellence Award for Vocational Education and Training at the recent StudyAdelaide International Student Awards.

Isadora’s ability to combine her academic thinking with practical application and volunteer work were all factors contributing to her winning the award.

“Isadora is really passionate about conserving native ecosystems, which shows in her studies where she eagerly learns all she can,” said her Lecturer Nick Crouch. 

“Isadora jumps in to any task, showing initiative and dedication and she also volunteers in several conservation community groups, honing her field skills.”

Isadora chose to study land management here to gain more field experience - and her volunteer work is a way of doing that, while also giving back to the local community.

“I learned many things at university, but I just couldn't find the right opportunity to put the things I've learned into practice in Brazil,” said Isadora.

“Strategies I learned to achieve sustainable development were from an engineer's perspective rather than an ecologist. I felt that I needed a better understanding of the environment before I could put my engineering skills into practice.” 

Isadora loves living in Australia and through her study and volunteer work now feels very much part of the local community.

“One of the things I love most is taking part in field trips with my study group. Nothing beats waking up early, getting into my hiking gear and joining my friends on the TAFE SA bus to head out to a beautiful South Australian location. We have so much fun together, even when it’s raining and hard work,” said Isadora.

After completing her course, Isadora hopes to stay here and work with one of the local organisations that she volunteers for. Or she may choose to undertake further research or get involved in a project such as sustainable farms.

“I would advise anyone to study conservation land management here with TAFE SA,” said Isadora. “It’s been an amazing experience so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

We are very happy to have Isadora studying at TAFE SA. She has already made an amazing contribution here and her award is well deserved.