Student Story - A Trip to Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

May 14, 2018

picking strawberries

With autumn in full bloom, giving very soothing weather in Adelaide with school break on the side, a trip uphill near Mount Lofty was exactly what everybody needed to catch their breath, unwind from all the stress and simply have fun. So, when Daniel at TAFE SA suggested we visit the famous Beerenberg Strawberry Farm in Hahndorf, the idea immediately got positive responses and hence the date was set.

On 22nd of April, 10 of us who came from various TAFE campuses got together and waited outside TAFE SA on Currie St. to board bus 862 to Hahndorf.  Throughout the whole ride, the scenery was simply spectacular to describe in words; as the morning sunlight basked the valley and hill with a soft ambience, complementing the zephyr.

Before reaching Hahndorf, we passed through Stirling; colourful and lively with pop-up shops set-up alongside the road, which matched perfectly with the mix of auburn and green leaves on the trees similar to a canopy for the pop-up shops. Passing through Hahndorf, it appeared to us as a quiet German village with candy shops, warm bars and gelato stands in which we were ready to explore but our true destination, Beerenberg Strawberry Farm was at the next stop.

The first indication that we were at the right place was the giant strawberry sign outside the main building, and that was all we needed before going inside to ditch our bags and get strawberry picking. As it is not the beginning of the season, the strawberries are not sitting on top of the rows, instead we had to crouch down, go through the leaves and find them. Needless to say, we did have a lot of fun picking strawberries, eating them, pick more and eat more, then repeat the process until our stomach was full with sweet, juicy, fresh strawberries straight from the plant. All the memories stored in both our minds and phone because the journey just had to be photographed from start until the very end, which dominated 60% of the time we spent there.

Afterwards, we headed back into the main building to pay for what was actually collected and this gave us some time to go through other items that they sold; mainly fruit jams and honey, although they do have an extensive collection of sauces displayed in sleek glass bottles that range from the classic BBQ sauce to caramelised onion sauce. Needing to digest some of those strawberries, all of us decided to walk back into the town, passing by a beautiful stone timeless stone church along the way before agreeing to end the trip as we all parted ways.

Nur Izny Halim, Malaysia
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing