FAQ International - Starting Study

  • Must I attend Orientation ?

    Yes. Attending Orientation is compulsory as this is when you will be taken on a tour of the campus and/or the city. You will be given important information about living in South Australia, your visa obligations, your health care and your study. You will also receive your student id card.
  • How do I get my student id card?

    If you are a new student, you will receive your id card during Orientation.

    If you are a continuing student, you will need to pay a fee of $5.50 at the International Students Office. You will then be given a receipt to take to the Student services office at the campus. Student services will take a photo of you and immediately give you your student ID Card.
  • When do I get my timetable?

    You will be given your timetable at the enrolment session for your course. The enrolment sessions for every course are announced at Orientation.

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