Must I attend every class?

It is part of the conditions of your student visa that you attend at least 80% of your scheduled classes. Attendance records of classes are kept by lecturing staff.

FAQ current international students

The following is a table of questions that International Students frequently ask. These will assist you to make an informed decision for your action.

What must I do if…

I am not feeling well and I am not able to attend class?

  • Inform your lecturer by phone, email or text message.
  • Make an appointment to see a doctor.
  • Obtain a medical certificate as evidence of your absence.
  • Present this medical certificate to your lecturer or program office staff to be photocopied and placed in your student file.

I want to see a doctor?

  • Go to Allianz website and find a doctor or medical clinic in your area/suburb.
  • Gawler Place Medical Practice, Level 1, 47 Gawler Place Adelaide is a good place to go in the city. They bulk bill.
  • If you are sick and need a doctor AFTER HOURS, you can call a doctor to visit you in your home. They can visit you at night, weekends and on public holiday. The number to call is 137425. You will be bulk billed.
  • DO NOT GO TO A HOSPITAL to see a doctor. Hospital is only for emergencies such as a major life threatening accident/injury/sudden attack of illness.

The doctor has advised me to stay home for a few days or until I am well again?

  • Obtain a letter from the doctor to say that you will be unfit to study. Need inclusive dates.

I receive Warning Letters from the program?

  • For warning Letter #1, just read it, understand it and keep it filed.
  • For Warning Letter #2, you must follow the instruction on the letter which is to make an appointment with a staff member from your program to discuss this issue.
  • For Warning Letter #3, it means that if you are going to be absent again, you will breach your attendance requirement of your student visa. This also means that you will receive an Intention to Report Letter from the international student’s office.

I receive an Intention to Report Letter?

  • Read it very carefully and follow any instructions. Also make an appointment to see the Student Support Consultant at the international office immediately 8207 8279.

I have been absent and missed classes?

  • Speak with your lecturer and find out what you have missed.
  • Ask your lecturer how to catch up on the missed class work.

I cannot submit my assignment or project by the due date?

  • Talk or email the lecturer and ask for an extension.

I am having difficulties with my study?

  • Speak to your lecturer/teacher/instructor immediately and explain the situation.

I fail a subject?

  • You will need to repeat that subject at the next available opportunity.
  • Repeat subjects must be paid for.

I feel the need to speak to someone about some personal issues?

  • Make an appointment to see the Student Support Consultant at the international student’s office. Or
  • Make an appointment to see a student counsellor at your campus or city campus. The Student Services Office on campus will make this appointment for you.

I think I am not being treated fairly by my lecturers/teachers/instructors/mentors or program staff members?

  • Speak with the person directly and tell them of your concern. Or
  • Write an email to the person and explain your concern. Or
  • Make an appointment to see the Student Support Consultant at the international student’s office. Or
  • Express your concern with a student counsellor.

I am not sure that I am studying the correct course?

  • Speak with your lecturer/teacher and listen to their advice.
  • Speak to the Student Support Consultant to explore other options and possibilities.

My CoE or my Visa is going to expire before I complete my course?

  • Discuss your options with the Student Support Consultant.

I want to defer my study?

  • Discuss your options with the Student Support Consultant.
  • Deferment can only be approved for a maximum of 6 months for the following reasons only:
  • Compassionate and compelling circumstances beyond your control such as a medical/health issue, family matters (need to return home due to family member’s illness or death). Relevant documents must be provided.
  • Student misbehaviour.

I am unable to pay my tuition fee before the deadline date?

  • Apply to pay the fee by instalment. A fee of $300.00 is charged to access this option.

I have not paid my tuition fee and the semester has started.

  • You will have 20 working days from the start of the semester to make FULL payment.

I have not paid by the 20 working days from the start of the semester deadline?

  • Your CoE will be immediately cancelled.
  • Your Visa will also be automatically cancelled within 28 days of the CoE cancellation.
  • You will not be permitted to attend any classes and your enrolment will be cancelled.

I pay my tuition fee after my CoE has been cancelled?

  • You will need to pay $200.00 CoE reactivation fee.

I need to return home to my country urgently?

  • Inform the international student’s office 8207 8279. Or
  • Email And
  • Provide a copy of your travel plan/return ticket to the international student’s office.
  • Inform your lecturer/program.

I need to buy more health cover or extend my health-cover?

  • Go to your OSHC provider’s website and renew or buy more health-cover and pay by credit card on-line.
  • You must have health-cover until the expiry date of your visa.

I feel insecure/un safe when I arrive at my accommodation, like when you notice that something is not right or you suspect that someone has entered your accommodation?

  • You can call Police Assistance by dialling 131 444 and they will advise you.

I get harassed or assaulted?

  • Make a Police Report at the Police Station near you.
  • If you are living in a shared accommodation, tell your house mates.
  • If you are living in a Homestay, tell your host family.
  • You could inform a friend, the Student Support Consultant, your lecturer or anyone that you feel should know about it.

I am required to show and ID but I do not have a driver’s license?

  • Obtain a Proof of Age card from SA Services, North Terrace Adelaide located opposite the Intercontinental Hotel/Adelaide Convention Centre building.

I am required to provide a Tax File Number (TFN) by my employer?

  • Apply for a TFN at the Australian Taxation Office, Waymouth Street Adelaide. It is FREE.

I change my contact details?

  • You must complete a Change of Contact Details Form that is available from the international student’s office. This includes changes to address, phone numbers and email address.
  • This procedure must be completed within 7 days of the change. This is a requirement of the Department of Home Affairs.