Youth Jobs PaTH is a flexible Australian Government approach to youth employment. It is designed to give young people the skills and real world experience they need to get and keep a job.

The program also supports employers to host industry experiences and provides incentives to get involved and to take on a young person.

  Youth Jobs PaTH has three elements:

prepare trial hire

TAFE SA is pleased to be delivering the Prepare component of the scheme which is divided into two streams, Training Block 1 and Training Block 2.

Training Block 1...

is designed to give young people the basic employability skills that employers have identified as being needed to be successful in the workplace.

Training Block 2...

is focused on job preparation, advanced job-hunting skills and industry awareness experiences. This block will sharpen job seekers' understanding of the labour market in order to successfully identify and pursue sustainable employment opportunities, including apprenticeships and traineeships.

Meet Katrina, Wendy and Mel: Youth Job PaTH Supervisors

Meet Zach: Youth Job PaTH Participant

Find out more about Youth Jobs PaTH on the jobactive website.

Information for Job Seekers

If you’re aged between 15-24, are on income support, registered with jobactive or are trialling the new Digital and Enhanced Services (NEST) you may be eligible for Employability Skills Training as part of the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

  • Training Block 1: Workplace Skills

    What does it take to succeed?

    Getting serious about making improvements is a great start, and taking action is the next important step. This program is focused on supporting you to develop the top skills and attributes that employers look for. These skills will help anyone get ahead in any industry, from running a company to running a gardening club.

    Delivered in a practical, fun and supportive online environment – you’ll have the opportunity to build confidence, resilience, self-awareness and teamwork by learning to recognise and use these skills appropriately.

    This training block will help you understand your work style and the industries and jobs that suit you best. At the end of your training you’ll know what it takes to start your career pathway by knowing the recruitment processes and expectations of employers to help land that job!

    Over three weeks you will complete a range of online activities and learn how to:

    • improve your communication skills
    • tackle conflict scenarios and develop resolution techniques
    • develop your self-confidence and resilience skills by participating in ZOOM group discussions, team building activities and completion of an individual personal project
    • become certified in Customer Service Foundations via Linkedin Learning, a skill required for any job.
  • Training Block 2: Job Search Skills

    Are you what an employer wants? Industry awareness is the key to your success.

    Understanding the labour market and what makes a business successful can be a huge advantage when applying for a job. Prospective employers tell us they want applicants with strong industry awareness because it adds value to their organisation. With increasing levels of competition, Industry are looking for you to demonstrate that you represent good value for their business, even more so in these challenging times.

    Training Block 2 is designed to sharpen your understanding of the labour market and develop your job search skills by delivering online training using virtual workshops, video training and various job search platforms. You will be guided by existing industry representatives so you can experience real workplace practices and seek guidance from real employers.

    Over three weeks you will complete a range of online activities:

    • become a certified COVID Marshall
    • become certified in ‘Finding a job during challenging economic times’ via Linkedin Learning
    • become certificated in ‘Master in demand professional soft skills’ via Linkedin Learning
    • complete your personal pre-employment aptitude test
    • develop an on trend, relevant cover letter, resume and video resume
    • learn how to apply and respond to a selection criterion, apprenticeship and/or traineeship
    • identify the growth industries in your region and how to develop your career pathway
    • learn how to successfully cold call a business and complete an employer profile
    • understand your digital footprint and how this can impact your employment opportunities
    • completion of an online video mock interview to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses

If you’re interested in taking part, contact your jobactive provider or call the number below to find out more.

Karen Lamb
P: 0476 831 788

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