About the ACMAA

South Australia has a long and successful history as a large scale producer of dairy products, which has been boosted in recent years by the emergence of artisan cheese making from cow, goat and sheep’s milk.

In recognition of the importance of this emerging industry to the state’s economy and its potential for further expansion, the State Government funded the Cheesemaker in Residence program to develop technical and professional educational programs to strengthen and support artisan cheese making. With the assistance of some of the world’s leading cheese masters, we developed a comprehensive range of high-impact courses.

The ACMAA is based at our Regency campus. You can contact us by email or call us on +61 8 8348 4300

What we offer

Courses delivered by the Artisan Cheese Making Academy Australia are available for:

  • individuals seeking a greater appreciation of cheeses
  • people who work in the manufacturing or sale of cheese
  • cooks and chefs
  • artisan cheese makers, and those who aspire to be
  • schools and universities that would like to introduce artisan cheese making to their educational offerings.

Our People

Gina Dal Santo, Head Cheese Maker

Gina was instrumental in starting the original cheese making facilities at TAFE SA and has run various courses in cheese making for domestic and international students, industry and the general public. Gina has travelled extensively to France, Italy and the US to gain knowledge in cheese making and affinage. She has been a well-respected dairy judge around Australia for many years.

Jim Ralph

Jim completed his Honours degree in Microbiology at Flinders University in 1985, followed by his PhD in 1995. In 1998 he began lecturing in food technology at TAFE SA. Jim teaches across a variety of food technology topics, notably the safety, chemistry and analysis of food, sensory evaluation, dairy science and food product development. He also delivers short courses in food handling, food safety programs, labelling and hygiene monitoring.

Kris Lloyd, Chair of ACMAA

Kris is manager and Head cheesemaker of Woodside Cheese Wrights, a specialist cheesemaker of goat and cow cheeses producing fresh, white mould and matured cheeses. Kris travels the world to help benchmark her products, to learn new techniques and gather product ideas. In 2004, she established the South Australian Specialist Cheese Association, CheeseSA, to promote specialty cheese and introduce industry driven education and training programs in South Australia. Kris is also the Director of CheeseFest, Australian Alfresco Cheese Festival, a Board member of the South Australian Tourism Commission and Chair of the Artisan Cheese Making Academy - Australia.

Sébastien Picoulet

Sébastien works as a cheesemaker, trainer and biotechnological analyst at the National Dairy School in Poligny, France, where he is responsible for production of the semi-hard cheese varieties Morbier, Raclette and Tomme. Since 2001, he has been Commissioner for the French cheese national competition in Paris. Sébastien is part of our Cheese Maker in Residence program.

Henry-Eric Spinnler

Henry has a career spanning over two decades working specifically with the science and technical issues of cheese. He has published hundreds of articles on cheese, including in major publications Cheese and Cheese Flavours and Aroma. He has a PhD in biotechnology, is an expert in biosynthesis of flavours and is a permanent expert in National Agency for Food Safety in France. Henry is part of our Cheese Maker in Residence program.

Ranee May

Ranee has been a cheesemaker, specialising in hard cheeses, for more than 30 years. For most of this time, she has taught at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where she has managed the University Dairy Plant and taught the Dairy Technology curriculum. She has been a volunteer, teaching dairy technology in developing countries, for the past 25 years. She has travelled to approximately 25 countries and logged more than 4,000 hours. Ranee is part of our Cheese Maker in Residence program.