Work with people to build resilience, engagement and performance

TAFE SA wellbeing courses are underpinned by the latest research into positive psychology. Our interactive and practical courses will equip you with knowledge and skills for professional and personal settings. You can study topics including engagement techniques, building positive relationships, and applying principles of positive psychology. These qualifications can be applied to a range of roles and industries, particularly for those who work with people and teams.

Associate Degree in Primary Health and Wellbeing

Get the best of both worlds with a TAFE SA Associate Degree in Primary Health and Wellbeing. A TAFE SA Associate Degree gives you options. It can prepare you to go into the workforce immediately, or you move into related university study with the credits you earn from your studies with us.

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Associate Degree in Primary Health and Wellbeing

Video: Wellbeing

Positive psychology is the study of what makes life living. Listen to TAFE SA as they explain their role in shifting the wellbeing of South Australians and improving the mental health of our population.

Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing