The TAFE (Vehicle) Regulations 1998 control the use of vehicles on TAFE SA sites and make it an offence to:

  • contravene or not comply with any regulation (as indicated by official signs, devices and markings on roads within a campus)
  • exceed a speed of 25 kph
  • drive dangerously, carelessly or noisily
  • impede pedestrian access
  • hinder an authorised person in the execution of their duties
  • drive a vehicle within the grounds of a campus, except on a road
  • drive a vehicle in contravention of an official sign regulating the flow of traffic, such as a one-way sign.

Staff authorised by the Minister may issue expiation notices for an offence and an expiation notice may be placed on the vehicle or served or posted. There is a maximum penalty of $200, and a $20 fee can expiate offences.