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Installation view Chris De Rosa, she collects the beautiful things - turbulent nature, 2017

Altered States

  • Dates: 01 – 23 Sep, 2016

Altered States by Lorelei Medcalf and the Printmaking Department 

Exhibition Title: Altered States by Lorelei Medcalf and the Printmaking Department

Artists: Lorelei Medcalf, Joshua Searson, Vicki Reynolds, Christobel Kelly, Suzie Lockery, Lucy Timbrell, Alexander Cocks, Bekki Klix, Grace Myers, Jake Holmes, Jayson Fox, Hannah Williams, Jordan Gower, Richard Austin, John Blines, Mei Sheong Wong, Georgina Willouby, Michele Lane, Simone Tippett, Jane Palmer, Sanra Starkey-Simon, Anna Austin, Kerri-Ann Wright

The title Altered States refers to the various stages or states that a printmaker might progress through towards a finished work as well as playfully referring to the altered states of awareness associated with creativity. Participating artists respond to this with their artwork.

Altered States will promote the work of emerging artists showing their work alongside established printmakers, and by examining printmaking processes; it may give students and the public a better understanding of how prints are made.

When: 1 to 22 September, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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