Dance Auditions

  • Dates: 24 Sep, 2021 – 14 Jan, 2022

If performance is your passion, take it to the world stage with a nationally recognised dance qualification at the Adelaide College of the Arts.  

  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) (UNIFL0001), delivered in partnership with Flinders University; or
  • Certificate IV in Dance (CUA40113)

Audition Dates

Live Auditions

Dates:  Monday 20 September, Friday 15 October & Wednesday 24 November 2021

Time:  Auditions will commence at 9.00am sharp on each day. 

Duration:  3 to 4 hours 

Venue:  Adelaide College of the Arts, 39 Light Square, Adelaide

Video Auditions

Video Auditions are available for interstate applicants only. Details will be emailed when you apply.

The video audition submission must contain 3 sections:

Section 1: 20 minutes of a classical ballet class (provided you have done this – not compulsory) 
Including barre work; centre work and pirouettes.

Section 2: 20 minutes of contemporary dance technique.
Due to the variety of training styles, no specific technique is required. 

Section 3: 3 minutes of a creative solo (contemporary style).
This is your opportunity to be expressive/creative. Maximum allowed 45 minutes.

Submission date: Submissions are open until Wednesday 19 October 2021 and are accepted via email.

Course Details

Certificate IV in Dance (CUA40113)

This course is designed to prepare and introduce you to a pre-professional performing arts career. 

It provides skills and qualities to lead the stage in performing arts, and the education to be competitive in the industry.

Stage and education based dancer.

Course Admission Requirements
Satisfactory performance in an audition.

Up to 6 months full-time

On campus, full-time

How to apply
Go to the Certificate IV in Dance course page. Click the green "Apply Now button", complete your details and submit your application. 

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) (UNIFL0001)

Delivered in partnership with Flinders University, the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) is a rigorous program of study which explores both practical and theoretical elements of dance. Classes cover classical and contemporary dance, together with acting, anatomy and kinesiology, history, music, composition and production, with intensive training held in state-of-the-art rehearsal and performance spaces.

The course is industry focused, giving you rare and exclusive access to professional dance artists, companies and their networks.


Dancer, choreographer, producer, artistic director, teacher, curator.

Course Admission Requirements
Satisfactory performance in an audition AND successful completion of SACE (year 12) results (or equivalent) achieving an ATAR of 60 or above  OR Certificate III or higher OR satisfactory results in the STAT.


Up to 3 years full-time

On campus, full-time 

How to apply Go to the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) course page. Click the green Apply Now button, complete your details and submit your application.