Rare Earth

  • Dates: 30 Oct – 16 Nov, 2017

Rare Earth  is an experimental multimedia work created by REAL :  A collaboration of three artists, Georgina Willoughby, John Blines and Michele Lane.  

Opening Night,  2 November, 6pm

This project has been evolving over 3 years but began with the following premise : The common assumption that 'all growth is progress' is a myth. With Rare Earth, REAL considers this assumption from mutiple angles while offering you time to pause, reflect and imagine alternative futures. Through this immersive, multilayered experience created through video, projection, text, photography and soundscape we wish to challenge your world understanding.

There are opportunities for you to participate by sending your recorded voice message to REAL for inclusion in a soundscape…all information is at https://rareearthreal.com