Tailoring courses to local needsFindings from the state-wide Improving Access to Education consultation are helping shape the future of TAFE SA’s skills training, ensuring that what we teach, how we teach and where we teach meets the needs of industry, businesses, local communities and students.

Three key themes emerged from the public consultation:

Tailoring courses to local needs

Consultation identified existing and emerging local market demands and in a number of areas we are already offering courses to meet them. We also received feedback on a range of different courses that industry and communities are looking to us to deliver. We will continue to explore the feasibility of implementing new ideas as they arise.

In addition, we received consistent and significant feedback about the importance of secondary schools and TAFE SA working closer together, and identified some great models of where this is happening which we could implement in other areas across the state.

Innovative delivery

By using the latest technology and innovative delivery methods, including facilitated online and mobile classrooms, we can deliver more courses to more students in more areas. While careful consideration will be given to issues that may impact the effectiveness of new modes of course delivery in some areas, such as variations in internet connectivity, download speeds and access to computers, we can offer a range of blended methods to suit local conditions. See our innovation page for information about our mobile classrooms.

Numerous suggestions were also received about the use of additional community facilities, which will enable TAFE SA to be seen in places we haven’t been seen before. We will work through these suggestions and evaluate the suitability and viability of options. 

Building and maintaining connections with industry and local communities

Consultation reaffirmed that TAFE SA staff are intrinsic to building and maintaining connections with industry to ensure we continue to keep pace with community needs as they evolve and address local demand. To that end we have introduced the new role of Regional Business Development Officer in selected regions and created two new Metro Regional Managers to serve greater Adelaide.

Next steps

Consultation provided critical information about what students, communities and industry need in the way of education and training.

TAFE SA will continue to identify the best ways to deliver these courses, using all the innovative methods at our disposal – online, face-to-face, blended delivery and mobile classrooms.

This will be factored into our forward planning for staffing and facilities to increase TAFE SA’s presence and deliver better training outcomes throughout South Australia.


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