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New TAFE SA course will turn homes green

Jul 14, 2015

TAFE SA is for the first time launching the new ‘Sustainable Home Design’ short course to be offered at Tonsley Campus.Sustainable Home Design

Green homes are all the rage, and are quite a buzz, from Grand Designs to The Block. The new Sustainable Home Design course is perfect for home owners, builders, designers and real estate professionals to learn about different practices to help create a ‘green home’.

TAFE SA Lecturer David Clothier commented the differences between all the homes and designs that are put forward as green or sustainable, is huge. It can be confusing for anyone coming to the sustainable home design concept, and hard for people to make informed choices and decisions.

“We wanted to offer a course that will demystify the confusion of how to design a sustainable home that offers year-round comfort and reduces the costs in running a home,” said David.

Students will learn how to heat and cool a house naturally and how to design a house for year round comfort efficiently.

On completion of the course, students will be able to walk into any house or look at plans, and by simple observation be able to assess how that house will perform.

The ‘Sustainable Home Design’ short course will commence on Tuesday 28 July, 6-9pm and held over 7 weeks at Tonsley Campus. The course will be offered four times each year.

The state-of-the-art sustainable TAFE SA Tonsley Campus offers many short courses specifically associated with Building and Construction trades, such as Basic Home and Building Maintenance, Introduction to Interior Decoration, Furniture Restoration or Build a Woodoven.

Whether you are looking to join the workforce, find a better job or transition into university, TAFE SA can provide you with the skills, knowledge and experience to get you there.

Explore the latest sustainability courses TAFE SA has to offer or call 1800 882 661 for more information.