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This BIG BUCKET tops the training list for TAFE SA

Mar 31, 2015

TAFE SA Mining Exploration and Civil Construction students at Mt Barker campus will benefit from the donation of a huge piece of mining hardware by corporation giant Terramin Australia.Terramin & TAFE SA

The generous gift is a 6.5 tonne R2900 underground loader bucket, recently retired from underground use in the local Terramin Angas Zinc mine in Strathalbyn.

TAFE SA Load Shifting and Licence to Perform Dogging students will gain hands-on practical experience with the R2900 underground loader bucket, learning how to ’extract ‘and service this piece of heavyweight mining equipment.

Stewart Jackson had the experience of working as an engineer and boilermaker for the Terramin Angus Zinc mine, but now works with TAFE SA developing a ‘Mining Ready’ course.

Stewart knew that the recently retired piece of equipment was destined to end up a display model at the Angus Mines, so he approached his former employer, with the idea of a better use for the R2900 loader bucket.

Terramin General Manager and Chief Technical Officer Joe Ranford said the company was pleased that the R2900 loader bucket would assist TAFE SA students and help make their training for the mining and civil construction industries more realistic.

“We liked the idea and I said if he could collect it, then the bucket was his. We’d donate the R2900 loader bucket for the good of mining education and employment in the Adelaide Hills.

“Stewart is a local like many of our Angas Zinc Mine people, and his recent experience at Terramin will be a real benefit to TAFE SA students, the future workers in the industry,” Mr Ranford said.

TAFE SA lecturer Paul Mugford said the underground loader bucket was an excellent addition to the campus as it would help trainees gain a better understanding of the serious side of mining and civil construction.

“Students are using the bucket loader for practicing operational maintenance skills, measurements and calculations as well as risk management during service extractions. This is a specialised piece of equipment and larger than they would normally use in a training environment.

“It’s ideal to work with real life equipment they will one day be using in the industry. It helps to make students job-ready and validates the quality of training we provide within the industry,” said Mr Mugford.

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Photo Caption: Paul Mugford (left) of TAFE SA Mt Barker Campus and transport driver Justin Llewellyn of Macclesfield after the bucket was delivered to TAFE SA Mt Barker Campus