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Confined Space Training Unit visits Port Lincoln

Jun 15, 2012

TAFE SA Mining students were able to undertake Confined Space and Work Safely at Heights training recently when the newly adapted TAFE SA mobile training unit visited Port Lincoln.

The training unit, a modified shipping container mounted on a TAFE SA truck, has the benefit of being easily transportable and has been designed to incorporate ducting tunnels, ventilation, a side hatch and a roof hatch.  Safety standard essential equipment to the value of $25,000, including safety harnesses, has been installed to complement this training experience.

Coordinated by TAFE SA Mining lecturer Danny McCarthy, the refurbishment of the container has taken several months to complete.

“This unit is an excellent addition to our mobile training resources, giving us the benefit of providing confined space training to the mining and construction industry”, said Mr McCarthy. 

Students learn how to work safely at heights wearing approved safety harnesses and other safety equipment, required for gaining access to the top of the container. Their training incorporates completion of appropriate documentation, use of gas test monitors to test the atmosphere prior to entry, and wearing breathing apparatus while in the confined space tunnel.

The unit has already been used for confined space training in several other locations.

For further information contact TAFE SA Port Lincoln Campus on 8688 3600.