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Students win at Virtual Enterprise fair

Jun 13, 2012

Yorke Getaways Virtual Enterprise Lyn Dayman, Sonia Bruce, Penny Hardy, Deb Wieloch and Cathy Baverstock.

TAFE SA Regional students recently attended the Virtual Enterprise Australia International Trade Fair at Taoundi College, Pt Adelaide winning three out of the five award categories.

TAFE SA Business Administration Lecturer, Ann Malone said that the Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA) network has been operating in Australia since 1995 and is a part of the international European network.

“As part of these network services, both international and state trade fairs are organised each year, all over the world, to give students and facilitators the opportunity to practice the theory and operations learnt and taught in their virtual enterprises. 

The event provides the opportunity to hear fantastic guest speakers, network with other virtual enterprises and industry people and experience how to organise and run a trading booth”, Ms Malone said.

There were five award categories of which TAFE SA Regional were nominated in four and won three:

  • Excellence in Marketing & Promotion (group award/booth award):
    • Winner: Yorke Getaways VE - TAFE SA Kadina Campus
    • Nominated: Convention Connections VE – TAFE SA Gawler Campus
  • Excellence in Customer Service (group award):
    • Winner: Simply the Best Sports VE – TAFE SA Mount Barker Campus
    • Nominated: The Country Club VE – TAFE SA Victor Harbor Campus
  • Ultimate Individual Salesperson (individual award):
    • Winner was Mykala West from The Way VE, Kangaroo Island Community Education 
    • Nominated: Lyn Dayman from the Yorke Getaways VE - TAFE SA Kadina Campus
    • Nominated: Molly Mawson from the Simply the Best Sports VE – TAFE SA Mount Barker Campus
  • VEA Board Award (group or individual award):
    • Winner: The VET VE – TAFE SA Pt Lincoln and Whyalla Campuses

Simply the Best Sports, the Virtual Enterprise class at the TAFE SA Barker Campus teaches students all the skills required for running a business. It is a practical way to learn about finance, trading, sales, human resources and administration. Student Molly Mawson said that she enrolled in the class to gain hands on skills. “I am learning how to behave in an office environment and how to interact with other employees, skills which I mightn’t gain as effectively from a theory class”, said Molly who won a merit award for individual customer service.

Hannah Lewis was a student last semester and was given the opportunity to return as a manager and lead a small team in the Administration area of the Virtual Enterprise. “I jumped at the opportunity to help others gain the most of what this class has to offer,” Hannah said.

Deb Wieloch from the Yorke Getaways VE class at the TAFE SA Kadina Campus said that she enrolled in the class to gain hands on skills. “I had never heard of the Virtual Enterprise concept before coming to TAFE SA and I think it is fantastic. I was looking for a career change and through this course I am learning how to work in an office environment and how to interact with other employees”, said Deb.

Student Cathy Baverstock said the team prepared for three months prior to the trade fair by holding weekly meetings, assigning tasks to each member, and designing their booth. “The preparation involved a lot of little activities, including things I would never had considered before, but now I realise how important attention to detail is. As a team we worked hard and achieved our goals by being organised and unique”, said Cathy.

For trade fair participant Sonia Bruce, highlights of the event included working with her team and participating in all the activities which were on offer. “I really enjoyed attending the trade fair and would recommend anyone who is considering studying this course to take part as you really learn a lot. We were able to put into practice all the skills we had learnt and it was great fun”, said Sonia.

Ms Malone said that she was extremely proud of all the students who participated at the event. “They demonstrated their knowledge and skills in a professional and proactive way and participated in all the activities on offer during the Trade Fair which will benefit them and their careers”, said Ms Malone.