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TAFE SA credits students on uni pathway

Jan 14, 2011

Robert McArthur Students who miss out on uni offers should consider TAFE SA as a viable alternative pathway to university study. 

Successful completion of vocational education and training (VET) courses may be used for entry requirements and/or to gain credit in a university degree.

South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) reports show a 30% increase over three years, in the number of offers to universities being made on the basis of an applicant’s TAFE qualification, from 924 in 2008 to 1204 in 2010.

Managing Director Denise Janek said TAFE SA has also worked with South Australian universities over the past few years to increase the number of formal credit transfer agreements available for students.

“Courses in accounting, marketing, tourism, as well as community care, interpreting and translating, training and assessment and electronic engineering for example, provide credit pathways to South Australian universities,” Ms Janek said.

“People are starting to notice and appreciate the pathway opportunities that arise through vocational studies,” Ms Janek said, “that can provide an entry requirement and/or a credit into a university course.”

Robert McArthur is one student who has seen the benefits of vocational study as a means to progress to a Uni pathway.

“Vocational study to me means studying for what you want to be and it also means that you can get a qualification after only six months’study."

Robert has completed the Advanced Diploma of Marketing and while doing so won the title of 2009 Harvery Norman South Australian Young Marketer of the Year.

“I’ll go to university now to do a Bachelor of Commerce (Management) thanks to the credit transfer and pathway arrangements that TAFE SA has with many universities.”

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