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by Mark Ready | Oct 10, 2013

Update from Greg Stillwell at the end of Thursday

Coober Pedy to Crystal brook
Started at 8:05,  fully loaded with three people.

15 minutes into the journey , James (passenger two) said we must have a flat. The team kicked in and changed the flat and we were off again in 16 minutes.

On the road again for five minutes another flat was reported. This time more than a roadside repair was required.

On the road again; in the trailer.

James said
"The flat was hardly noticeable from within the car; no additional vibration, just a shushing noise like on my BMX.
It was a smooth transition from bitumen to dirt, no shoulder to be concerned with,
Oh, but earlier I did notice even though there was a 40 knott plus side wind, from right to left, Joel's steering input was also to the left to maintain road position before the flat tyre."

Something for the engineers to ponder.

Events at the roadside and at the next control point (Glendambo). All in fun.

Greg: Nothing like gently poking a pen into the ribs of a colleague from an engineering faculty - mechanical
Gerry Paay: Simply too much weight ????
Greg: Well it IS a three seater
Greg: Well let's get to Port Augusta and get it sorted (I have not seen the damage at this point)
Gerry: No, the chassis is broken and a whole chunk where the top mount of the shocker was, is missing - its all over
Greg: (thinks) Leave it a while

Mechanical Joint Chiefs went to lockdown (what to do I guess)
Gerry: We've come up with a plan
Greg: Great, go for it, no inquiry needed
Gerry: Done

The plan:

Trailer to Glendambo control
Advise we are off to Port Augusta to fabricate repairs and gather materials.
Then off to Crystal Brook to effect repairs. Then get back on the road and head for Adelaide finish line and see what the next day holds.

On the road to Port Augusta Gerry called Greg Bassani to call in favours in his TAFE SA network resulting in access to support at Port Augusta Campus of TAFE SA.
They opened up and gave us access to the engineering workshop and main store where our mechanical team fabricated the new braces required for our repairs to the front suspension mounts.

At 10am Lights are still burning at Crystal Brook Caravan Park with after dinner work continuing.

The end result:

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