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Food & beverage processing

Food & beverage processing

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Food and Beverage processing is a continuously evolving field of study that extends from the raw products and all of its various stages of processing to the final packaged product on the supermarket shelves. RIC’s Food and Beverage processing program offers a variety of accredited courses.

Accredited Courses are offered from Certificate to Diploma Level.

As a growing field it requires skills and knowledge in a multitude of highly technical operations including quality, processing technologies, communication, hygiene and sanitation, occupational health and safety and process control.

By using combined knowledge and skills, RIC is able to offer training in numerous food and beverage processing disciplines using the most up to date knowledge. Strong links with the food processing industry has enabled RIC staff to continuously keep abreast of new innovations and technological advancements within the food processing sectors and transfer their knowledge and skills to industry and their clients.


The Centre’s Food Technology Program has on-site world class facilities that include:

  • Brewery
  • Cheese Room
  • Distillery
  • General food processing facility
  • Analytical laboratory
  • Sensory analysis laboratory
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • New product development laboratory

RIC’s facilities utilise state-of-the-art production equipment and quality control mechanisms which are larger than conventional pilot scale operations. These systems serve as excellent industry standards models.

The food produced is of the highest quality and is sold through numerous retail outlets.

The analytical, sensory and microbiological laboratories are also of industry standard and permit all relevant analyses to be performed by the students.

RIC’s food processing equipment and laboratories are unique and unavailable in any other teaching institution in South Australia. These facilities enable students to learn how to prepare, process, package and label food to industry standards in quantities much larger than are generally made in any educational environment.

Food and Beverage Processing Courses

Award CoursesHelp…   National Code
Diploma of Food Science and Technology FDF50311
Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51615
Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship for Food and Wine 10251NAT
Graduate Diploma of Entrepreneurship for Food and Wine 10252NAT
Short CoursesHelp… Duration
Fudges 3 hours Part Time
Microbiology for Food Auditors 1 week Part Time

Employment Opportunities

The food and beverage processing industry offers excellent employment opportunities as there is a strong demand for highly skilled and trained individuals. Employment options are diverse with job security likely for highly skilled graduates who are practical, analytical, methodical and organised.

Graduates can obtain work as a food manufacturing supervisor or team leader, quality assurance officer or manager and technical sales representative for suppliers of food and beverage ingredients and equipment.


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