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Aquaculture is carried out in the ocean, in tanks housed in sheds using recirculating equipment and in freshwater dams and purpose-built ponds. Research is also being conducted into possibilities for aquaculture to be undertaken in inland areas affected by salinity. This industry sector provides opportunities in aquaculture industries at both technician and management level. Seafood-processing skills are required in a range of industry settings. TAFE SA’s Aquaculture and Maritime Team has been a leading provider of education and training services to the seafood industry for over 20 years.

TAFE SA’s team of highly skilled, highly qualified, internationally experienced and passionate trainers are leaders in their respective fields and committed to delivering quality teaching and learning experiences through active and industry relevant research.

The Aquaculture and Maritime Team has forged strong partnerships with industry to ensure that we teach relevant skills and respond to real needs, producing industry ready graduates.

Employment Opportunities

• Farm Hand
• General Hand
• Shop Hand
• Feeder
• Pond Worker
• Hatchery or Nursery Assistant
• Senior Deckhand
• Coxswain


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