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TAFE SA, a major partner with The Advertiser/Sunday Mail and Microbric, present the next generation of intelligent robotics, the Ai2.

The i-bot and Ai2 robotics projects were partnership campaigns between TAFE SA, The Advertiser and Microbric that ran in 2005 and 2006.

In 2005, nearly 30,000 i-bot units were distributed throughout South Australia, an initiative that generated overwhelming public participation and proved to be an extremely successful educational product.

In 2006 the Ai2 project was delivered across South Australia. The Ai2 was a more advanced, easier to construct and use robot. The project promoted creative learning options, and offered the general public a refreshing approach to hands-on technology.

The Ai2:

Was a 21 piece robot built in stages.

Was simple to operate and program (ideal for primary school students).

Had sophisticated programming opportunities (suitable for middle and high school students, TAFE SA and university students).

Was an innovative educational resource ideally suited to the South Australian curriculum.

Brenton O’Brien is the Managing Director of Microbric and inventor of the i-bot and Ai2. A multi-award winner, Brenton is a successful South Australian who gained his knowledge and skills at TAFE SA. He is passionate about the electronics industry and pushing the boundaries of discovery.

Electronics, and the science and technology field in general, is under the spotlight to address the industry skills shortage. This robotics promotion was intended to draw attention to the huge career potential in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.