Why choose TAFE South Australia?

Studying at TAFE South Australia is an excellent way to get a quality, practical education that gives you an internationally recognised qualification. But there are many reasons to choose TAFE South Australia.

  • TAFE South Australia is owned and guaranteed by the South Australian Government, which means your investment is secure. TAFE South Australia has educated more than a million students in the last decade.
  • TAFE South Australia offers pathways to university study and many TAFE qualifications can count towards your university degree. A relevant diploma may count towards a year of your degree and an Advanced Diploma may be as much as a year and a half. This means that you're on the way to your chosen degree and career much quicker.
  • Qualifications from TAFE South Australia are based around industry best-practice, taught by industry professionals to industry standard. This means that when you graduate, you're ready to move seamlessly into employment in your area of study.
  • Studying with TAFE South Australia is also a great way to improve your standard of English language skills. Living in Australia helps your social language skills and studying at TAFE South Australia means you will acquire an industry-specific vocabulary that will help you when you move into employment. Also, if your English skills don't meet our entry requirements, we have courses that can help you meet them before you begin your chosen course.
  • You'll also have a network of support services to help you from the time you arrive at the airport. TAFE South Australia offers pickup and temporary accommodation services when you arrive, orientation before you beging study, and provides help with any learning or language difficulties and to advise you on career choices. Also, our counsellors are ready to help your solve financial, health or personal problems