Cost of Living

Adelaide's lower cost of living means that students enjoy great quality of life with rent, transport and food more affordable than most other Australian cities. Statistics show that Adelaide is 19% more affordable to live in than Melbourne and Sydney and 7% cheaper than Perth and Brisbane.

Students should consider the travel, tuition and living expenses highlighted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. These expenses reflect the annual financial requirements which determine a student's eligibility for study in Australia.

Source: Study Adelaide

The below table is an indication of what a typical international student might spend on a weekly and monthly basis.

Living Expenses
Rent, accommodation (shared)
 $120-$380  $480-$1520
Gas, electricity
 $35-$55  $140-$220
 $90- $130
 $20-$35  $80-$140
Clothes, entertainment
 $50+  $200+
Telephone, postage
 $15-40  $60-$160
Total Expenses
 $330-$645  $1320-$2580

Indicative costs $AUD