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Korean nursing students introduced to Australian health with TAFE SA

Feb 28, 2014

In late January, 20 nursing students from JinJu Health College in the Republic of Korea undertook a 2 week study tour, based at TAFE SA Port Adelaide Campus

This is the 3rd year that TAFE SA has hosted the study tour which is an ‘Introduction to the Australian Health and Culture Program’. Since 2012, a total of 92 students have completed the Korean Government supported program.  

Participating students were accompanied by academic staff from JinJu Health College, who also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with nursing and health lecturers; share resources and also engage socially with staff.

The program allowed students to undertake a component of English language study each day.  The students were also accommodated in home stay with local families, enhancing their understanding of the Australian culture.

Health related topics the students studied included:

  • Indigenous Australian culture
  • Workplace Health and Safety and Minimal Handling Techniques
  • Australia’s aged care system
  • Palliative care
  • Complementary Health measures
  • Mental Health in Australia
  • Australian Red Cross Blood Service and Donation

In addition, students undertook a group case study, clinical skills laboratory sessions and excursions to the Independent Living Centre, the Australian Red Cross, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and ACH Highercombe to enhance the student experience.   

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