Greening TAFE SA

Green Your Office

Green Your Office


  • Make the most of natural lighting - open the blinds!
  • Switch off lights in any rooms not in use.
  • Turning off fluorescent tubes frequently does not mean that more electricity is used when they are turned back on and does not have a significant impact on the life of the tube (compared to the energy saved).
  • Flickering fluorescent tubes use up more energy. If you see one, report it!

Heating & Cooling

  • Check thermostats or measure temperature levels regularly to make sure you maintain the recommended comfort temperature setting of 24°C for summer and 21°C for winter.
  • Put on more clothes rather than turning up the heating
  • Keep windows and doors closed when the air-conditioning is on.


  • If you have to print a document or email, just print the text you need.
  • Use a laptop and projector to run meetings electronically
  • Mark junk mail 'Return to sender' or ask to be removed from the mailing list.
  • Photocopy and Print double sided.
  • Re-use paper that's already printed on one side, and recycle all paper
  • Do you really need a hard copy of it? Can you save the message/attachments instead?
  • Instead of printing a web page, bookmark it or save the page. Proof the document on screen before printing.
  • If you only need the page you are working on, go File > Print > and click on 'Current Page' on the 'Page range' section.
  • If you only need a specific number of pages, go File > Print > and put the page numbers in on the 'Page range' section.
  • If you do print something, retrieve it immediately. This helps to avoid the need for printing it again (because it has gone walkabout etc.)


  • Turn off your monitor when you go for lunch, a meeting or even a tea break.
  • Turn off your PC if you're not going to be using it for a few hours.

Energy Use

  • Use timer switches to turn off vending machines when the office is closed.
  • Use hand-dryers rather than paper towels.
  • Use video- or computer-conferencing to save travel for meetings.
  • Switch the printer off at night - the last person to leave the office should do this.

Limestone Coast team rises to Carbon Challenge

Sep 07, 2012

Staff and students at the TAFE SA Mt Gambier Campus are celebrating a state-wide win in the TAFE SA Regional Great Carbon Challenge. Mt Gambier’s Keen to be Green team beat 11 other teams by developing numerous initiatives to help reduce the campus carbon footprint.

The Keen to be Green team won points by gaining staff pledges to reduce electricity, water and resource use and to increase recycling rates. Keen to be Green organised an e-waste collection, gathered compostable waste from around the campus to produce mulch for the gardens, and produced a video to publicise the composting process.

Facilities team leader, Robbie Ransom, said that he was really happy with the win and the effort shown by all staff was fantastic. “Now that we have introduced these changes it is important that we keep educating others to follow, especially the recycling of paper, cardboard and the separation of food waste. The removal of rubbish bins under desks has been a challenge, but staff are starting to realise the benefits of separating their own rubbish at designated recycling stations”, said Mr Ransom.

Coinciding with the Carbon Challenge TAFE SA Regional has been shortlisted for a prestigious Australasian Green Gown Award. 

TAFE SA Regional Managing Director, Denise Janek, said, “This is the second year running that TAFE SA Regional has been nominated for an Australasian Green Gown Award. The Mt Gambier Campus has played a major role this year in raising the national profile of the Great Carbon Challenge. Staff and students are to be congratulated for their creativity, persistence and hard work.”

The winner of the Australasian Green Gown Award will be announced at the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Conference in Brisbane on 27 September 2012.

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